What Do You Say To Rate Shoppers? (.125% SCRIPT)


The .125% Policy


  1. Copy & paste the text below into an email.
  2. Customize the information in blue highlighting.
  3. BCC the appropriate parties as needed.
  4. Send to the client.

Dear Borrower Name,

As you may know, rates fluctuate daily, sometimes hourly, based on the mortgage-backed securities market.  Today’s rates may not be applicable tomorrow. 

In case you are comparing Lenders, I’m attaching a questionnaire that many of my clients find helpful.  You may also find the attached article on Rate Movement very informative.

We have a .125% Policy at Your Company.  We are confident our rates are competitive and will never be more than .125% away from other Lenders.  The policy allows you to shop, safe in the knowledge that if you find a rate that we can’t come within .125% of, no time will have been lost processing your loan.  Should this occur, I will forward your appraisal and loan file to that Lender and remain a resource for you whenever needed.

Of course, rate is an important factor.  Often we are the lowest in the market, but frankly, I choose not to be known simply for having the lowest rate. That being said, my focus has always been to provide unsurpassed service to clients I have in process; adding value and exceeding their expectations. 

If you are shopping rates, all I ask is to have the last right of refusal.  Please make us your last call and I’ll do the best I can on your behalf.


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