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Mark and Mark became friends in college, but didn’t realize until much later in their professional career what they had in common. They both had the unfortunate experience of losing their fathers at a tragically young age.

However, there is one distinct difference in their stories. Mark Stiles’s father had a team of professionals helping with his real estate, financial and tax planning. Mark Maoicca did not.

The results were astounding. Mark M’s mother struggled, working multiple jobs and selling all of the family assets in order to maintain normalcy while Mark S’s mother lived comfortably into her golden years without the need to work or stress about finances. These two distinct experiences have shaped who we are, and inspired the creation of Core7.

It is our goal to create teams of Core7 professionals to protect all consumers from real estate, tax, and financial hardship—dear moms included.

About Mark Maiocca

Mark Maoicca

Mark Maiocca is the Amazon-bestselling author of What’s Your Rate?: How to Buy a Home and Secure Your Financial Future At the Same Time, and the creator of the Core7 Referral methodology and the Core7 Mastermind Group Format. Mark has more than 20 years in the mortgage business, and has closed over $1 billion in loans and generated hundreds of outgoing referrals to Core7 partners.

Mark is also the the creator of other online courses such as the Mortgage Jumpstart, the Core7 Mortgage Originator, the Core7 Real Estate Agent, the Core7 Financial Professional, the Core7 Launch and Learn, and the Core7 Coaching Curriculum.

Mark is a graduate from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He’s a loving father of three children (Gina, Dominic, and Valentina), and the loving husband of his wife, Paula. They currently reside in Newton, Massachusetts.

About Mark Stiles

Mark Stiles

Mark Stiles is a husband and father of three dynamic boys. He started his law practice two days after passing the bar exam and being sworn in as a licensed attorney. Over the next twenty years, Mark became a thought leader in his space.

In the role of settlement agent, his firm has closed over 25,000 residential real estate transactions and delivered countless outgoing referrals to Core 7 professionals. He is a sought-after speaker and instructor as well as a podcast host interviewing both Core 7 professionals and entrepreneurs (Core 7 Business Podcast and Core 7 Anchorcast). Mark connected with Professor Moc in 2015 and helped put the finishing touches on the Core 7 methodology and the online course, How to Create a Core 7 Mastermind Group.

Mark was attracted to the Core 7 methodology due to the lasting impact it can have on the consumer. Mark can be reached at MarkS@mycore7.com


“A must read for a first time home buyer.”
– Jon Gordon, best-selling author of the Energy Bus and Training Camp

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