Top 6 Reasons To Create A Core7 Mastermind Group & The Mastermind Format


Laser Focus – We only focus on the Core7 Professionals. All of our research and effort will always be directed towards these 7 professionals and how they can best work together.

Predictability – Each professional follows a specific methodology, so that all referral points can be predicted with accuracy.

Systematic – The referral system is designed where the actions of all 7 members have a positive effect on not only the client but the rest of the Core7 Group as a whole.

Accountability – The Structured Mastermind Meetings and 1 on 1 Partnership Planning Sessions are designed to get right to the heart of the matter regarding referral points and referral responsibility.

CONSUMER BENEFITS MOST – The end result is Consumer-Focused. Referrals are exchanged between the professionals, but it provides the consumer a full team of professionals and financial protection in many areas that they may not have considered. Value and protection of the consumer is always Core7’s #1 Goal!

HUGE DIFFERENTIATOR AND UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION – Do you think your clients will find you more valuable than a competitor when you tell them that you are an expert in your niche, but you also have support from a dedicated team that they have access to as a resource for all of their financial needs? ( for example the ability to refer an accountant for specific tax advice, or a financial advisor to help create a budget to purchase real estate.) This is a huge advantage over the competition.


  1. THE CORE7 OATH – A Code of Ethics that all members of the group agree to regarding the way the group will function. This is read at the beginning of every Mastermind Group meeting. Core7 believes that the reading of this Oath converts members of the group from individuals into a team.
  2. WHAT’S NEW & POSITIVE & WHO DO I NEED TO MEET? – Positive Updates, and each member asks the group for introductions to individuals or professionals that will enhance their business.
  3. REFERRAL TRACKING – Based on the CORE7 Referral Methodology
  4. THE HOT SEAT – One member is selected to receive specific constructive feedback and council from the rest of the group.
  5. CORE7 LESSON – Core7 assigns a member to teach a lesson based on the Core7 Training Modules in Core7 University.
  6. SPECIAL GUEST – A Guest is invited to present. This can be a Core7 Professional or a Non-Core7 Professional
  7. Homework & 1-on- 1 Partnership Planning Sessions are Assigned – For Example- Realtor & Mortgage Originator to discuss ways to convert more Pre-Approvals into Closings, or Financial Advisor & Accountant to discuss opportunities from the front page of a Tax-Return. (15-20 minute Phone calls are suggested)

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