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How do you introduce your team when when speaking with a client? Or introduce the concept of your team? Here is my way:

“Mr Smith, can I tell you about the unique way that I work?”

“I always make sure I look out for all of my clients and their overall financial plan. I see it as the greatest value I can give you. So to make sure I do this, I have set up a team of resources to help you in all aspects of your financial well being.”

“You see, I am the expert in Mortgages, but I know enough to be dangerous in other areas. So I created this team that will collaborate on your behalf. “

“I may make introductions or suggestions during our discussion. There’s no obligation to do anything, but I will make the suggestions. I hope that’s OK?” “(IF YES- You now have permission to make as many referrals as you want).

“So let’s get started. Help me understand what’s most important about this mortgage financing to you?

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