Outgoing referrals are the best thing a business partner can do to become valuable. Here are the top 4 scripts that can be used by all Core7 Professionals (REALTORS, MORTGAGE ORIGINATORS, CLOSING AGENTS, FINANCIAL ADVISORS, ACCOUNTANTS, ESTATE PLANNING ATTORNEYS, & P&C INSURANCE AGENT)


Hi (Client’s name),
It was a pleasure speaking with you. I wanted to follow up because I thought it would be advantageous
to consider (__________ )
How is your relationship with your Financial Advisor who specializes in  (______)?
This is very important and definitely something we should address as soon as possible.

To Offer a Valuable Resource

Hi (Client’s name),
How are you? I really value our relationship and want to be a valuable resource for you. Because I am so active in the market, I come across some really great professionals like (Core7 partner’s name and profession).
Please let me know if I can make an introduction. I think it will be an important benefit to you.
PS- There’s no obligation. I just want to make sure I am always providing value for you.

To Clients (Low Rates Refi-No Cost Email)

Dear (Client),
How are you?
Mortgage rates have staged a nice rally recently. There may be an opportunity to refinance and save some money. Many times this can be done with NO COST. Please let me know if you are interested in this timely opportunity, and I will refer you to my Core7 Mortgage Originator who specializes in Mortgage Management.

Business Owner Specific Referral In October

Dear (__________),

This is specifically for my clients who are business owners. Accounting and preparing Tax Returns for Business owners is very different than it is for individuals, as there are many details and opportunities that exist.
How is your relationship with your accountant who specializes in working with business owners?
Please let me know if I can make the introduction to an expert on my team?

Thank you