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Today we get into the nitty-gritty of the P&C industry with our guest Mark Stratakias, property and casualty insurance agent at TWPhelan. Listen in to hear how this entrepreneur went from working a pizza shop ‘round the clock to taking his life back within a fully referral-based business.

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Real estate professional Bill D’entremont, or Billy D as he’s known, joins us in Studio B today to share some invaluable knowledge he’s gleaned since joining the industry in 2002. Take a listen to Billy’s database hacks that boosted him to number one at his firm the same year he suffered a heart attack. We’re giving you an exclusive look into how to turn your work in real estate into a thriving business.

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Pat Palzkill on Core7 Business Podcast

Today Mark Stiles takes a call with owner and broker at Beacon Rock Realty Services, Pat Palzkill. Listen in as we discuss the benefits of combining mortgaging and real estate as a one-stop-stop, leveraging technology in a vast market, and why your past customers could end up being your most valuable resource.

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Kellie Lynch - Nature vs. Nurture

Today Mark Stiles and owner of Balance Studio and fitness entrepreneur, Kellie Lynch, discuss nature vs. nurture when it comes to being your own boss. Listen in to learn about the yoga mindset, what it takes to start your own business, and lessons learned the hard way without a Core7 team on your side. Namaste!

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