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Today’s episode has been made 10x more inspiring with help from our guest Jay McHugh, real estate professional of LAER Realty Partners. Jay gives us a deep dive into SendOutCards, a service designed to level up your client relationships and transform your business. Listen in as Jay lays down some controversial wisdom that may have you ditching your sacred business advice of the past.

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Real estate professional Bill D’entremont, or Billy D as he’s known, joins us in Studio B today to share some invaluable knowledge he’s gleaned since joining the industry in 2002. Take a listen to Billy’s database hacks that boosted him to number one at his firm the same year he suffered a heart attack. We’re giving you an exclusive look into how to turn your work in real estate into a thriving business.

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Pat Palzkill on Core7 Business Podcast

Today Mark Stiles takes a call with owner and broker at Beacon Rock Realty Services, Pat Palzkill. Listen in as we discuss the benefits of combining mortgaging and real estate as a one-stop-stop, leveraging technology in a vast market, and why your past customers could end up being your most valuable resource.

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Today we sit down with the dynamic CEO of Lamacchia Realty, Anthony Lamacchia, who drives home the importance of owning your name. Since beginning his real estate journey at the young age of 23, Anthony has gained national recognition for his firm and has been deemed a real estate expert. Take a listen to find out how you can reap the benefits of his national realtor training system.

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Dakota Riley reveals tools for a money mindset.

Mark Stiles hosts today’s episode with special guest Dakota Riley, a real estate professional at Keller Williams. Dakota reveals the rock-bottom moment that changed her career and the tools she used to develop an invaluable “money mindset.” Take a listen and be inspired!

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Interview with Brian Sweeney - Your Realtor for Life

Today Mark speaks with fellow Core7 professional, realtor Brandon Sweeney. Brandon explains how the use of social media kicked off his professional journey and why sitting at the “closing table” is never really the final chapter with a client. Brandon’s thriving Core7 mastermind group has an opening for a few more professionals. Could you be the right fit? Listen in to find out.

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In this episode, we take a call with Robert Earle Coppola of Earle Coppola Real Estate. Robert tells us about his family real estate legacy and reveals the most valuable lessons that have been passed down from generations, as well as what he has learned through his own experience. Listen in to learn how Robert has elevated his family business to offer a truly unique experience for buyers and sellers alike. 

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Core7 Podcast

In this episode, Mark Maiocca, Amazon-bestselling author of What’s Your Rate?: How to Buy a Home and Secure Your Financial Future At the Same Time and the creator of the Core7 Referral methodology and the Core7 Mastermind Group Format, delves into his journey to creating Core7 and how it has changed the way he does business. Tune in for an inside look at how Core7 operates, and why it guarantees to change the referral landscape for real estate, mortgage, tax, and financial professionals.

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Stay tuned for part two of this episode!

How do you introduce your team when when speaking with a client? Or introduce the concept of your team? Here is my way:

“Mr Smith, can I tell you about the unique way that I work?”

“I always make sure I look out for all of my clients and their overall financial plan. I see it as the greatest value I can give you. So to make sure I do this, I have set up a team of resources to help you in all aspects of your financial well being.”

“You see, I am the expert in Mortgages, but I know enough to be dangerous in other areas. So I created this team that will collaborate on your behalf. “

“I may make introductions or suggestions during our discussion. There’s no obligation to do anything, but I will make the suggestions. I hope that’s OK?” “(IF YES- You now have permission to make as many referrals as you want).

“So let’s get started. Help me understand what’s most important about this mortgage financing to you?

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