Prospecting Letter To Get A Meeting With A Realtor


This is Mark Maiocca at Core7 Financial following up. I hope you received my book that I sent you.  I am very impressed with your business. You are obviously doing some great things and I know I could learn from you. I’m not sure if we would be a great fit to work together, but I’d sure like to find out, and also tell you about the interesting partnerships we are creating with Financial Advisors and Local Companies called the Core7 Referral System. Do you have any time in the next couple of weeks to grab a cup of coffee or at a minimum have a 15 minute Conference Call?

(If you feel there is a business fit, I promise to make it a Two-Way/Win/Win business relationship)

Some of the successes that my business partners have received:

  • Referrals from Financial Professionals, who are always up to date with their clients major life changes.
  • Company Lunch & Learns- If educating new clients is important to you, there is a ton of opportunity.
  • Consistent, accountable, predictable Referral process.


Mark Maiocca

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