The way a business partner introduces you to a client can make all the difference in the world. Especially when someone is buying a home. There are so many critical factors: the scripting, the timing and the instruction.

There are realtors who have many clients, but the conversion rate of their referrals to their mortgage lender are very low. Here is the scripting that the best realtors use:

Hi (Client’s name),

As discussed, getting pre-approved is one of the first steps. I recommend (Mortgage Originator partner’s name). He is a Lender who is my trusted Advisor and can be of help. {Team member’s name or “He/She/”) will be in touch soon to schedule a time to speak. (He/She) wants the process to be free of errors, so be aware that (he/she) collects all of the necessary documents up front. (These documents are required by FNMA guidelines). This may seem like a lot to do upfront, but is critical to find the best structure, make things go much more smoothly when we enter the transaction, and give us a huge advantage when negotiating on a new property.

Attached is my Buyer Questionnaire. At your convenience, please fill it out and return.

The client is introduced early, instructed on exactly what to do, and exactly why the recommendation is being made. This introduction is worth it’s weight in gold!

Please excuse my grammar. I do not edit these posts.. Everyone’s time is to valuable. My goal is to get information out as quickly as possible.

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