Episode 4: Interview with Sports Psychologist Dr. Jack Singer – Conquer your Inner Critic

Today, Mark Stiles chats with Sports Psychologist Dr. Jack Singer.  Dr. Jack has worked for over 30 years with professional athletes and financial advisors alike to conquer their inner critics and master the mindset of champions.  Tune in to learn how your limiting thoughts may be blocking you from your full professional potential and how to overcome them. 

Links and Resources from Today’s Episode

The 7 Steps to Mental Toughness

  1. Recognize your limiting thought 
  2. Snap your rubber band
  3. Take a centering breath 
  4. Performance statement – What do I have to do to perform my best right now?
  5. Recall your greatest success
  6. Repeat your identity statement – an affirmation of what makes you excel in your field
  7. Last centering breath 

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