EPISODE 39: Why Core7? on Facebook Live

In this Facebook Live, Mark Stiles asks what are you doing for the benefit of your clients? Are you working with a financial advisor? Now is the time to start! He compares both a financial network and a real estate network. He explores how those two networking groups can combine using the Core7 methodology, helping not only the professionals but also each of their clients. It always comes back to the clients. Mark reminds us that in this crazy time, we are all in this together. Go to Find a Group today on mycore7.com, schedule a chat with Mark, or find him on LinkedIn.  


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EPISODE 38: Chamber of Commerce

Don’t miss out as Mark Stiles delves into the magic that is the Outgoing Referral! Are you happy with how your business has always operated? Has it gotten you to your long-term goals, or are you looking for something different? Listen in to this Facebook Live podcast, as Mark talks to a group of small business owners explaining the steps to take to move away from a ‘transaction only’ relationship with your clients. He explores the power of an abundant mindset, the benefits of always being prepared, and how professionals can confidently lead clients to their most secure financial future. What could your business look like in 2 years if you started implementing outgoing referrals? The best time to start is now.    


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EPISODE 37: 7 Reasons for Core7

We’re mixing it up again! Listen in to this Facebook Live Video as Mark Stiles explores all the ways the Core7 Referral System sets itself apart from other networking groups. You’ll learn how this unique referral system keeps you accountable, helps you cultivate deeper professional relationships, and you’ll even learn about the family histories that inspired the system’s genesis. Core7 is the best referral system out there because it is a free-flowing circle, not a straight line; what you give out in slices, you get back in loaves.   

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EPISODE 36: Coronavirus Advice with Mark Maiocca, Mark Stiles, and Chuck Silverston

There continue to be coronavirus questions in every field- and the real estate, mortgage, and financial markets are no different. Everything seems to be affected right now. Mark Stiles, Mark Maiocca, and Chuck Silverston come together to answer common questions, ease fears, and talk best practices for interest rates and real estate investments during this confusing time. Don’t miss out on opportunities due to misinformation.

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EPISODE 35: Generating Referrals Using the Tax Return

Start a dialogue; add value. This week we combined two Anchorcasts that discuss how something as personal as a tax return can help with referrals. Listen in as we dive deep into which of our Core7 professionals can use specific lines of the tax return to not only bolster your client’s financial goals but also boost business—a true return on investment! 

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EPISODE 34: Law of Attraction & CoopAtition

We’re switching it up! Check out this week’s episode where we explore not one, but two of Mark Stiles’ solo Anchorcasts. What would happen if you viewed the world as abundant rather than scarce? How is what you’re putting out into the world reflecting? You won’t want to miss these thought-provoking discussions on how shifting your mindset can improve your business and your life. 


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EPISODE 33: Interview with Patrick Queally- Military Mortgage Myth Buster


You won’t want to miss this week’s episode as loan officer, Patrick Queally, teaches you how to be a victor of the veteran loan. Listen in as Patrick and Mark Stiles debunk many military mortgage myths that often prevent sellers from closing with veterans, and how financial professionals can better support those who have served. Patrick also discusses how he has benefited from referrals. 

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EPISODE 32: Interview with Larry Blacker – Swap ‘Til You Drop

In this episode, we take it back to Mark Stiles’ first year of law school, with his former mentor and current tax master, Larry Blacker. Join them as they dive deep into the ins and outs of the 1031 Exchanges. Listen in on how this process can be an excellent opportunity for any client of a Core7 Member, and why YOU may want to “swap ’til you drop!” 

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EPISODE 31: Interview with Lou Chinappi of Arch MI – Get Schooled in MI


Today we were rocked with a wealth of information around the mortgage insurance field that you do not want to miss. Our guest, Lou Chinappi, is a mortgage insurance professional at Arch MI which has quickly grown into the largest MI company around. Take a listen to find out why a session with Lou is soon to be the goal of every Core7 mastermind group.

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EPISODE 30: Interview with Brian Lynch of Stiles Law – Impossible is Nothing

Stiles Law

On today’s episode, Mark joins us from the road as he interviews a fellow Stiles Law teammate, Brian Lynch. Brian strikes a balance between business law and real estate transactions with a focus on helping entrepreneurs who are starting and growing their businesses. Listen in to find out some major dos and don’ts when it comes to the laws of business.

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